A Tornado Wreaks Havoc, Revealing Our Town’s Foundation

A tragedy shows us what has changed — and what has not — about the community that raised us

Rescue workers free Bill and Shirley Wallace from their Barrett Drive home that collapsed on them, trapping them under rubble. Shirley was taken for medical attention after a tornado ripped through neighborhoods in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. Photo by Larry McCormack, The Tennessean/USA Today

Saturdays at the ball park, Fridays at the skating rink

At the heart of all of this — arguably most formative and emblazoned in our memories — are the schools we attended.

Aerial view of West Wilson Middle School, which was called Mt. Juliet Junior High in the 90s. Photo by Larry McCormack/The Tennessean

Third grade in a locker room

Stoner Creek Elementary School before the tornadoes.

Mandatory hunter safety

Knight lives in Middle Tennessee.

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